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From the Empire State Building to your medium-sized business, every elevator will require regular upkeep and repairs to guarantee it won’t fall apart. With our repair service, we’ll take the guesswork out of the maintenance efforts and help keep the elevators in your world running smoothly.

From an occasional shaft repair to a full-scale rework, our team of qualified professionals will arrive on time. We’ve been in this business for many years and know the importance of having an elevator working properly.

Our company was founded with the passion to make a difference in the elevator service industry by providing the highest level of customer service. Our goal is to provide trouble-free performance for your equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your elevator’s performance or safety.

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The operation of elevators or frequency of repairs are not governed by strict standards apart from regulations for weight capacity. Therefore, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers tossed together a handy set of codes to use when testing, designing, operating, and repairing elevators. Known by professionals as ASME A17.1, being certified to apply this code is important.

Why is it important to be licensed and insured? For one, if unfortunate accidents happen while we’re working, our liability policy would cover it. Same goes if someone is injured on the job. Insurance and licensing assure that you’re getting professional work from experienced repair elevator techs. Certification guarantees that the work we do complies with the local Philadelphia code.

Elevators need to be properly fixed as they pose a significant amount of risk for users. If you have problems with a unit, you simply can’t rely on a handyman to take care of the issue. Focus on finding an elevator repair technician who is both knowledgeable and experienced to do the job correctly.


In order to diagnose and give you an accurate estimate, several unknowns must be clarified. Technicians must learn whether the elevator is still running, if anyone troubleshooted the guidelines in the operation manual, the extent of visual damage to the elevator or the shaft, and the approximate time since the equipment was installed.

Knowing this information may not only help determine whether other areas may need upgrading, but it will keep costs down significantly.

Once these things have been figured out, the estimate can move forward. While the national average is said to be between $800 and $1600, your cost could be comparatively less if the issues are relatively minor.

Throughout the years, we have created an exclusive inventory of old elevator parts. This inventory ensures that the job will be completed quickly and for a competitive price. We make sure to accommodate your space to cut down on the interruption of the repair service.

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Maintenance is an important component of having an operational elevator that withstands the test of time. To maintain the efficiency of your unit, there are several areas you’ll want to concentrate on:

  • Always keep the elevator shaft free of debris and clutter. Make sure cables are freely hanging without obstruction.
  • Avoid using industrial cleaners. These are known to promote corrosion and make your shiny elevator doors look “soapy”.
  • Maintain a log book of any slight issue you think could be growing worse. If need be, log every use of your equipment or steps taken each day to remedy issues.
  • Be mindful of occupancy limits. Too much weight could cause unneeded stress on cables.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll enjoy elevator longevity.


Keeping your elevator in top condition requires a company with expertise and strict attention to detail. We have the industry experience and knowledge to offer a wide range of services.

For many years, we’ve presented the residents of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs an excellent elevator repair solution that comes with proven results at an affordable price. Our commitment to your equipment’s performance is only surpassed by the customer service we provide to new and existing clients.

Contact us today if you believe an elevator has issues that affect its functionality. We’ll come out, inspect the unit, and give you an estimate to get it fixed.